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Welcome to Telpeath's Gift Layout 10.0. This redesign was inspired due to the 4th year celebration of Telpeath's Gift Online status. Beginning late in 2004, Telpeath's Gift first launched as the site called "The Last Alliance." After many reworks, relayouts, and revisions, the website you see before you emerged. I hope you enjoy the content you will find here.


A New Power is Rising
Whoever might be left to view this website - welcome. It has been about a year since I last updated this site. Many of the affiliates of this website have departed and all that remain are the truly dedicated. It has come to my attention that indeed the era of LotR websites is coming to an end. But will there not be people who band together to keep this eventual doom from occurring?

I recently graduated from college (the typically excuse as to why the website was never updated) and I have found a new gap in my life that needs filling. It is with this certainty that I have decided to relaunch Telpeath's Gift!

One element that I find lacking in the website is that essence of newness. What will keep people coming back once The Hobbit is finished? During the next few weeks, I will be trying to figure out what this angle might be. If you have any suggestions (if you are actually out there), please let me know your thoughts.

This Fellowship is important to the culture and world of LotR. As fans, it is our duty to protect this legacy and bring it to the web for many years to come.

Telpeath (Admin)
Posted on 27 May 2012 by Telpeath
A Scroll from the Webmaster
It's spring, which means I can come out of my winter cocoon and can make some type of nonsensical comment on this website. I have recently been granted access to Forums after a tragic misunderstanding between me and the system running the forum. When I logged in, I noticed a push for a revival of the forum and website. This got me to thinking what I could do.

Maybe it is cynical of me, but I think the effort cannot last on it's own - it needs help from the support of many Lord of the Rings fans. With that said, the forums' response to the upcoming Hobbit film has been so inspiring that I think I might restart this website as well. I will give me a chance to change things up and to really give the LOTR community something to look at for information on history (including some hobbit details). I'm not sure if this will happen, but it has renewed my spirit if anything else. Find me on the forums - I'll be there if you want to talk!

-Telpeath (admin)
Posted on 20 Mar 2011 by Telpeath
Happy 6th Birthday
It's that time of the year again for Telpeath's Gift to celebrate its birthday. This past summer, I was very fortunate to have many affiliates stop and to make sure I didn't discontinue the website. My thanks to you. I have been working vigilantly on my school newspaper website - a masterpiece I might ad. I am currently working on a mobile version of the website and will soon begin working on App development. You could say that I am definitely not slowing down in the web-design world.

My junior year in college is in full swing and we are getting closer to the end of the semester - yikes. There are so many things that need to get done before then - such as getting some research done and many papers finished up. Life has been crazy.

I again, want to say thank you for your continuing involvement with this website. Without you, the website (literally) wouldn't be here. Thanks again!

Telpeath (Admin)
Posted on 21 Nov 2010 by Telpeath
Good Evening Everyone,

After some wonderful emails from visitors, I have decided that it may be best to keep the website up, but leaving out the updates. I want to personally thank each of you for your visits and I urge you to keep your affiliations with the site. I still have the email address, t e l p e a t h s g i f t @ g m a i l . c o m, and I really enjoy email from visitors.

With the Hobbit being, sadly, postponed, this may give me a chance to get ahead on some of my other work. Actually, this other website that I was making is currently on hold because of another project mixed in with college courses and work expectations - uhg. However, maybe there is still hope for this website! I might try adding the affiliates I have yet added (sorry) and getting the awards done with so that I can get this hiatus started - though, I probably will procrastinate with that :)


Posted on 17 Jun 2010 by Telpeath
The Day is Quickly Approaching
Well, as I promised, I would be updating a few times since my initial message regarding the closure of this site. Despite the many comments suggesting that I don't close or that I should add/subtract information, the ruling still stands. I am busily working on a website for our school newpaper, which takes a bit of mine time - plus I now do some managerial work for our school radio station website. My new website will be a blog, something that is a must in this changing world. It will be a place that can have an abundant source of information. It will also give me some opportunities to work with new technologies. I will soon be receiving CS5 (YES!!!!) and will have access to flash, dreamweaver technology, and Indesign. I can't wait to see what I create!!!!

If you have questions regarding this new website, please leave some comments and I will get back to you asap!!! Thank you, again, for five years of continuous support!

Posted on 17 Apr 2010 by Telpeath
Important Update !!!PLEASE READ!!!
Good Evening All! I hope you have been enjoying the winter as much as I have. We recently got around 5-10 inches of snow and the ground is looking more and more beautiful. School has also started another wave of attacks and I'm reading somewhere between 250-300 pages now. Yikes.

Telpeath's Gift, as I made aware during the past few updates, has been going under a review process these past few months (since September . . . really). During this review, we have been observing traffic coming into the website, content viewed, and other statistics. We regret to inform you that the findings weren't positive - in fact, they were quite scary. Our statistics show that within the past 5 months, we have had approximately 10 unique visitors (not me visitors) that have visited the site - 75% of those stayed less than 30 seconds. This news is startling and had to be deconstructed.

After a long and troubling overview we have come up with a solution. On June 1st, 2010, Telpeath's Gift - after being on the web for 5 years - will be disbanded. This news isn't the easiest to deal with as Telpeath's Gift has been a substantial part of my life. I have made such great friends and family from the site and I feel that I will be leaving behind such great people. However, I feel that it will give those sites still receiving visitors a better change at "grabbing" the visitors.

Before I leave, of course I will tell you where I am going (I'm working on that other website of mine). I also will finish up the awards and such and maybe make a pretty goodbye present for all my affiliates. Again, thank you all for visiting these last five years - I hope you all the best.

Look to my next update *hopefully before June 1*

-Telpeath (Admin)
Posted on 11 Feb 2010 by Telpeath

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