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Current Round Statistics
Current Round: 7
Participants: 42
Started: 11/16/08
Ends: TBA

The New System
No more worries about not recieving your nomination and updating the website. this has become simpler than 1,2,3. Let me explain. When you submit your nomination, it will be instantly added to the lists. No more emails, no more hassle, no more wait. You will see your nomination immediately when you go to the Nominees page! How cool is that! This is made possble by the switch we made. Enjoy, and Nominate your site...TODAY!

TG Awards Rules
1) First and Foremost, i do not and will not except websites that violates common rule. Every site nominated here must be 'kid friendly'.

2) Here at TGA, we love to judge websites that are completed. We will not except websites that are under construction. However, we can make exceptions.

3) To make sure you are still interested in the Awards, and to remind you of your nomination, we ask of you to place a Code or visible link on your webpage. If we find that you have neither, your application will be exempt from the round.

4) If there is single nominee in a category, the award will go to them. Also, if there are two sites who both deserve the award that is being given, a tie will occure.

5) To officially be in the contest, you must fill in an answer that will change for each round. This is to ensure that the rules have been read, or at least skimmed. Where it says 'Arwen', write 'Undomiel'.

6) If you have any other questions concerning the awards, please send me an email to telpeathsgift[at]gmail[dot]com (Subject: Awards).