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J.R.R. Tolkien Top 100

Middle Earth's Top 100
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The Silmaril Award
---------Best Actor/Actress Based Site

The Last Alliance Award
---------Best Lotr Site

The Valar Award
---------Best Elvish

Gondorian Honor Award
---------Best Non-LotR Website

The Eye of Sauron Award
---------Best Webmaster/Webmistress

The Hobbit Award
---------Best Site Name

Dwarven Armor Award
---------Best Graphics

Elrond's Map Award
---------Best Layout

Creators Blessing Award
---------Best Forum

Luthien's Gift Award
---------Best Old Site (Older than 1 year)

Beren's Gift Award
---------Best New Site (Younger than 1 year)

Telpeath's Choice Award
---------Judges Choice Best Overall Site


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Telpeath's Gift Telpeath's Gift Telpeath's Gift Telpeath's Gift