Telpeath's Gift: A New Frontier
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Being of divine form and possessing great power, the Maiar could wander the world unseen or shape themselves in fashion of elves and other creatures. When wearing a mortal guise, their bodies could be killed but their spirit would live on.

Other Definition:
Maiar (Singular: Maia): Servants and helpers to the Valar. Each of the Maiar were associated with one or more of the Valar.

The Maiar
Eonwe - Ilmare - Osse - Salmar - Sauron - Melizn - Arien - Tilion - Gothmog - Curumo (Saruman) - Olorin (Gandalf) - Aiwendil (Radagast) - Alatar and Pallando - Durin's Bane
Of the Maiar:
Of the same order as the Valar, but of less degree

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