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Site of the Month- February 2009
*In the back of the ancient library found deep within Telpeath's Gift, a strange book revealed itself. Upon opening this book, a old friend was discovered.*

Welcome to the return of the Site of the Month. To be quite honest, i think i was one of the first to begin this awesome idea. Although, with layout updates, this was always the one thing i forgot to resurrect. After about 1 year, i think it is about time to bring back this friend. So i now resurrect the Site of the Month Awards at Telpeath's Gift.

Well, How does it work?
Well, that's a very good question. *Reads in the book* The Site of the Month award is a very special honor here at Telpeath's Gift. Pretty much, it is a website that has fulfilled these qualities: That's really the key point, that i visit it. You can suggest a site for me to check out, but really...the site of the month is an affiliate, friend, or reoccurring visitor. There are a few website that i will not include in my decision each month. These are websites that are under construction (we don't like those here!), sites that haven't been updated in a long time, bad material, or anything else that is negative. Something that i will do that many other sites don't do is to give a Report about their website. This means that i will Review it. Only the Site of the Month winner will be able to see this, but i think it will help make websites better.

SO! The Site of the month is.....


This site is one of my oldest affiliates, which is Awesome. It is such a relief to know that some Tolkien/LOTR websites still remain in tip-top shape. Updating ever so often, offers its visitors with such wonderful baskets of knowledge. Let's look at that criteria shall we!

Congratulations Estella and Merry! I wish you and your website a great year!