Telpeath's Gift: A New Frontier
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The Beginning of All Things (Part 2 of 2)

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And they saw the coming of the Children of Iluvatar. For they were conceived by him alone, fashioned with the third theme, and none of the Ainur had part in their making. The Children of Iluvatar are elves and men, the firstborn and the followers. Amid all the splendors of the world, Iluvatar chose a place for their habitation in the Deeps of Time and in the midst of the innumerable stars. When the Ainur beheld this habitation in a vision, many of the mightiest of the Holy Ones bent all their thoughts and their desires towards that place. But Melkor wished to control the children, he wished himself to have subjects and servants, and to be called Lord, and to be a master over other wills.

But the other Ainur looked upon this place in the Halls of Aman, which Elves call Arda, the Earth, and looking upon light they were joyful, their eyes filled with gladness. They observed the air, the ground of iron and stone, but of this water they most greatly praised. It is said by the Eldar that in water there lives yet the echo of the Music of the Ainur.

After Iluvatar sent the Flame imperishable into the void, the valar desended onto the world, yet both happy and sad. It was dark. And thus great work began for the Valar. They all loved the earth but Melkor fount the earth of flame, coveted it, and said to the Vala, "This shall be my own Kingdom! And i name it unto myself." Manwe, Brother of Melkor in the eyes of Iluvatar said, "To claim it as your own is wrongful, for many others labored here no less than thou." Finally enraged and envious, Melor desended to earth in power and magesty, greater than the other Valar. Thus the 1st battle between Melkor and the Valar took place, for the dominion of Arda. Not much is told about this war, for rarely did the elves know what happened before the coming of the children. All that is told to us is that upon Melkors hatred came Tulkas, who came in laughter and might, bringing fear to Melkors eyes. He hid for a time, and this was the moment for the Valar to work. They raised two pillars: Foros of the North, and Hyaras of the South. These brought light and in turn life to Arda. And where the light intertwined, the most glorious and beautiful forests resided. But in spite of the beauty that began to grow, Melkor returned and knocked the pillars down, returning darkness to Arda. Now, the Valar created their home, Valinor, where light remained. Valinor was protected by Pelori Valion, the highest mountains of Middle-Earth, and the walls of Valinor. And all awaited the coming of the children of Iluvatar and the Strangers.