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TG Themes
Alright, i wanted this page to be here so that you could read up on what exactly TG Themes were and all what this theme for the current year means. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

What are TG Themes? Are they like layouts or what?
TG themes are not layouts or things like that. Really, they are goals summed up into a phrase for the current year. These themes change each year, mainly basing of the yearly problems that i see. Below i have listed the previous Themes and explain them in detail.

Previous Themes
The TG Revolution (2007): In 2007, The TG Revolution was pretty much what the title said. It was when i reinvented what Telpeath's Gift was. Not only giving the website a Complete overhaul, i added a site theme that was much needed. The site took hold the theme of being a Lord of the Rings History Site. Even though Lord of the Rings was not as popular as it once was, this website held true to its beginning roots. The TG Revolution was in celebration to this event.

Growth (2008): In 2008, the website took hold of a much darker website, changing the layout in small increments. In this layout, we began working on the idea of growing as a website, and the updating being much easier. My Space, the biggest project during this time, was a community section for members to view stuff. Although not as successful as i wished, it was a great practice for future layouts. Finally, in 2008, i added a secret section only accessable by administrators and moderators, which may be on the site today *hint*

The Current Theme
The Return of Community (2009): In 2009, Telpeath's Gift yet again recieved a nice change to it. As a birthday present on November 14th, the website moved from to, allowing the site to use Database Tables and PHP! This was complemented with beautyful layout change that took full advantage of the moves perks. In this current theme, there are many things that i would like to happen. I look forward to this new theme, and i cannot wait to begin working on it.